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Okay, it’s my Happy New Year post!! Better late than never, right?

So I had a GREAT year! I met lots of new people, and was happy to hang out with some old friends too.  I just love seeing the kids grow and families expand.  I was happy to also have my OWN family photos taken this year.  And over the Christmas holiday, finally have them up on my wall to enjoy.

And here are some of my faves of 2013! Happy New Year! Open-mouthed smile



Favourites of 2013

Wishing you all a fabulous 2014!! I hope to keep in touch this year!! Smile

– Kim

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen these cuties.  But my oh my…how they have changed from their newbie and even their one year sessions!! They were so cute and chatty.  I love hearing kids little stories.  They have such a neat perspective on the world.  And they always keep me laughing!!   Smile


boy in fall leaves


girl in hat

Christmas deadlines are fast approaching.  If you’re thinking of re-ordering some past photos for gifts, please contact me as soon as possible!

– Kim

Always a good time when I get together with these guys.  Those kids are growing up WAY too fast!!  Their middle boy was one of my first newborn clients!  And well this time around he talked my ear off!  I loved hearing his little stories about the squirrels and how they’re actually afraid of people.  That’s why they’re always running!  Didn’t you know that??  Haha!  We managed to squeeze in some smiles in between the rain showers.  And the kids kept me going with their jokes.  Seriously amazing to see them grow up and turn into little people with their own personalities.  Winking smile

First snow in 2012, a baby sister, baby on the way, the fam.  Huh….I guess their first baby shoot was so long ago I wasn’t even blogging then.  But take my word for it…he’s pretty darn cute! Smile

family on bridge

telling stories

little girl

the boys

family with fur friend

Holiday deadlines have just been announced.  Please get all orders in by December 7th, 2013 to guarantee a Christmas delivery.

– Kim

I was packing up some of the kids old books just last week and came across one of their little board books about a monkey, called HUG.  Well, I guess it was fresh in my mind when I saw this image.  I just adore these little munchkins!! And since I’ve made these fall mini sessions an annual thing…Mom and Dad find an excuse for me to see them at LEAST once a year.  They’ve changed so much from just last yearSmile

sibling cuddles



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– Kim

You’d think as a photographer that you would have a million and one photos of your own kids.  Well, that’s somewhat true.  But to actually get those nice classic “portraits”, takes a little effort.  I attempt to take the kiddies out at least once a year, although it is getting more and more difficult.  I found this beautiful patch of purple flowers and just KNEW I had to take my gal there.  Funny enough, my son – who HATES having his photo taken…was a tad jealous of this situation.  So I made sure to find an EQUALLY cool place to take him for his own portraits.  And well…I’m VERY excited to share the results – because it just love ‘em to death! Happy summer everyone!! Open-mouthed smile

sibling love

girl in purple flowers


sweet smile

how you doin

girlie lashes

boys will be boys


Ha! Sorry for the overload!! Could not pick a fave!! (Obviously.)  A few spaces still available for local summer portraits, as well as a few limited sessions available in Brandon, Manitoba. (Please message me for full details.)

– Kim

Exciting news!! FAB BABY GEAR is celebrating their 1st Anniversary in their new location.  The big party will be happening on Saturday, April 6th, 2013.  There will be amazing prizes, giveaways and sales going on from 9-1.  Including a chance to WIN your very own custom portrait session with K Photo and Design!!  All you need to do it pop down to the Wellington store sometime between now and 1pm on April 6th to fill out your ballot.  Good luck!!  And hope to see you there!! Open-mouthed smile

FAB Anniversary party 2013

– Kim

A nice blanket of white freshly fallen snow is the PERFECT backdrop for any child or family session.  As long as everyone is dressed warm, it is GREAT fun.  Although a tad cold this day (way back in December)…my squeaky toy froze up!!  We were still able to capture some fun photos.  This family does a lot of outdoor winter sports, so it was only appropriate to show that off a bit.  Still hoping to get them that nice winter family photo they’ve been waiting for.  But I’m sure this is not the end of the snow for this year! Smile

kids in the snow

sledding kids

If you’re interested in bundling your family up for an outdoor winter photo session, please contact me to discuss the details.  Can’t wait to hear from you!!  Open-mouthed smile

– Kim

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE meeting up with families a second, third, fourth time.  It is so fun to see the kids grow and find out what they have been up to.  This is my second time photographing this family, we originally met back in February when they welcomed their 4th child.  STILL to this date the largest “newborn” I’ve ever photographed (at 11 pounds!!).  It was definitely fun to get outside and let the boys run around for a bit.  (Always stressful for mom – with them all dressed in WHITE shirts…haha, I get it!)  But managing to get them ALL to sit still for a photo, one of those miracles.  The kind I love!  And seriously…if you are going to have FOUR boys – you might as well make ‘em darn cute!!  Winking smile

family of six

baby boy


adorable family

60 toes

Now booking into 2013.  Let’s make it a great year!!  I look forward to hearing from you! Open-mouthed smile

– Kim

For me, there’s nothing more fun than meeting up with a repeat client.  I feel like I’ve watched these kiddies grow from little beans to the adorable little munchkins they are now.  (Last time I saw this family.)  This little girl has ALWAYS been a handful, and she did NOT disappoint! While her brother was a bit more reserved, but getting a little smile out of him was the biggest reward.  Seriously – this is a MIRACLE family photo.  Both kids smiling at the same time?  And looking super cute while doing it?  LOVE it!!  Open-mouthed smile


adorable kiddos

little cuties

I hope everyone is having a great time getting prepared for the holidays.  K Photo and Design gift certificates are ALWAYS a great idea, and available in any denomination.  Please contact me soon to place your order.  Happy Holidays!!  Smile

– Kim

Well…we survived the first days of school!  Yay!

My big guy was excited to go back and see all his friends again.  Going into Grade 4, he’s in a different part of the school with a different part of the yard to play (or hang out) in.  He has many teachers, and transfers from class to class at times.  He definitely feels like he owns the school now!

Fourth Grade

And my baby girl has started Junior Kindergarten.  I can hardly believe it!  But we survived the first day – BOTH of us.  No tears at all.  (Which was good…because if she would have started, it would have been all downhill from there.)  She was very brave and walked into that classroom with her head held high, grabbed the teachers hand and went to put her stuff away.  Her stories of the day were so funny.  And BOTH of them were talking my ear off on the way home!  Smile

Junior Kindergartener

It’s always a little bittersweet to see summer end and school start up again.  I hope all you parents have survived like me!!  Smile

– Kim