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I love this family so much! And I’m so happy under the circumstances we were still able to get together this fall. We could not have asked for a better day either! The colours were out; and the temperature was right. [As a side-note, I always struggle with coming up with a title of these blog posts. It’s no secret I am a big supporter of Bath and Body Works…haha! Well, that is where the title of this post was inspired from. My current soap!! And it seemed appropriate.]

As always, still accepting outdoor family/children sessions for 2020. Please contact me if interested. And stay safe!

I met this family when this little guy was small enough to fit into a little basket. Last year he was just learning to walk at the time of our family photos. But THIS YEAR he was definitely on the move! And so independent!! I had everyone bring their own blankets/props this year and he insisted on being the one to carry that chair around. (I was not condoning child labor, I swear! Haha!) Always a good time with these guys. And we were done in time to get the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. (Even swapped a few turkey tips.)

It’s been a little quiet around here…pandemic and everything. At this time I am booking outdoor sessions only. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. Thanks, and stay safe!

This summer was like no other. With all events being canceled or postponed. It was known as the longest March break EVER! Needless to say, the kids were pretty bored. So we attempted a little getaway (still staying within Ontario) to a cottage on Lower Buckhorn Lake. It was on a little island that we accessed by boat or a small walk over a couple of dams. It was a GREAT little adventure. No WiFi…just campfires, canoes and fishing.

This was our view for 7 days. It did not get old.
We sat on the dock every night to watch the amazing sunset and then look at the sky full of stars.
Our own little private swimming area too.
The vegetation around here was amazing. I loved these colourful mushrooms!
We ventured across a canoe portage to try fishing on the other side.
Did I mention the amazing vegetation? This felt like an actual sponge to step on.
This is also the time this kid decided he would become a coffee drinker.
I didn’t mind taking the canoe out when it was still – and you had a view like this.
We had quite a few visitors. Canadian geese, a loon, a few herons, our resident chipmunk. Luckily we did NOT see the bear or cougar that we were told were on the island a few weeks prior to our stay.
We were treated to an amazing show every night. But the last night we were there was spectacular! It was so colourful.
All packed up to head back to reality. Our host snapped this photo of us before we loaded our gear back on the boat. What an amazing getaway.

Things have been pretty quiet around here as I have been doing well with the social distancing. Currently only doing outdoor, distanced portraits. If interested, send me a message.

Hard to imagine it was 11 years ago that I made the choice to stay home, make my own hours, and do what I love. This anniversary is a bit of a weird one. But we will be out and about soon enough capturing your family memories. Until then…stay safe.

My camera misses your smiling faces.

I have been lucky to have been asked to photograph THREE baptisms for this family. It’s amazing to see this family grow and the kiddies with their developing personalities. Even the little guests have grown!

Looking for someone to capture a small event for you? I can do baptisms, birthdays, parties, small wedding dinners. Send me a message and we can chat about your event.

This past year has been filled with LOTS of repeat friends/clients. And I just love it!! It’s amazing how fast those kiddies grow! And they always have some sort of story to tell me. Here’s a few of my favourite images of 2019. Happy New Year to all!!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this…but I am now booking for 2020. Can’t wait to hear from you!

I’ve just completely given up on trying to get everything done in time for Christmas. Then I can enjoy the holiday a little more. I write New Years cards and do Boxing Day baking. Haha! And my Christmas blog post is going out on December 30th this year. That’s just how I roll!!

Since my baking is never done on time…I rely on Christmas scents. And as most of you probably know…I am ADDICTED to Bath and Body Works. Soaps, lotion, candles – you name it! This one is Twisted Peppermint – and it is THE BEST!!
I have seen this movie a million and one times!! And the kids love it…so we watch it over and over. However, this year we watched the Netflix special “The Movies that made us” on Home Alone. And it made it that much more interesting to know some of the behind the scenes tricks.
Every year we come up with a Christmas cocktail. This year it was Jack Frosties. Basically a slushie with a whack of alcohol in it. It was damn good! But strong.
You can’t avoid the Christmas MUSIC!! I am totally loving this Weezer album this holiday.
My hubby picked this up for me just before Christmas. I just love this little Grinch!!
The best part of Christmas…well aside from the family, good foods, fun times, blah blah blah….I just can’t wait to spoil my kitties!! Haha! This little one was TOTALLY into all her new little toys! And then she passed out under the tree.
This one tried out ALL the boxes. Big ones, small ones, flat ones, tall ones…it didn’t matter. But then she was done – and settled down for a nice Christmas nap.

Merry [late] Christmas all!! Of course I’m booking into the New Year for all your family/baby/small event needs. Just drop me a line:

So happy to finally meet up with this family. We were supposed to do this last year (to keep up the tradition of a family photo every second year)…but life just got in the way. Which brings us to fall 2019. The family has changed a bit with the passing of an old dog – and the addition of a new pup. And even though we were a year past due for our photos – she was still VERY puppy-like. I was quite glad we were able to wrestle the two fur babies into a family pose. And I swear – there was NO Photoshop magic involved in this photo. With the doggies tucked away back at the truck…we were able to take in some of the amazing spots at Mer Bleu. You could not have asked for a better day. Beautiful AND colourful.

As we were nearing the end of the session – I asked this boy how many smiles he had. He informed me he only 3. So I guess I had seen them all at that point. Haha! His Dad on the other hand had 38. And Mom – a whopping 67!! I am going to have to employ this kid as my assistant. That definitely got some good smiles from Mom and Dad. 😀

Well, I obviously couldn’t decide on a FEW photos to share. Haha! Anyways…that marks the end of the Fall season for 2019. But I am always taking on newborn/babies or small events. And if we get a warmer day – I LOVE outdoor Winter family photos. If you are interested in booking your own portrait session – you can contact me here:

These guys!! I just love having the chance to hang out for our 25 minutes every year. Haha! Even if it WAS just a tad chilly. And of course, always important to be fashionable – you can’t wear big mitts or bulky jackets. So little brother found a way to keep his hands warm. Just hide them in his sister’s warm, wooly wrap! I guess it worked – because just look at those smiles. Adorable!!

Annual mini sessions are scheduled every Fall. If you would like to be first on the list to pick your time slot – please join my mailing list found on my website. And otherwise, I am ALWAYS booking family/newborn/small event photography. If you would like to meet up and discuss YOUR portrait session, just drop me a line at

I know Fall is approaching when I get a message from this Mom: “When will your Fall photos be this year?” I have been photographing this family since before they were born – and I LOVE getting the chance to catch up with them every year. And how much they’ve GROWN. Dang!! Can’t they stop doing that?? Haha!

If you would like to be the first to know about upcoming Fall mini sessions (well…second to know – after this Mom), please join my mailing list found on my main website: Currently booking for 2020. Can’t wait to hear from you!!