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I had the pleasure of meeting with this little family last weekend.  I couldn’t believe she was 38 weeks along!  (I know I wished I looked that great at 38 weeks pregnant.)  And don’t forget their spunky little two year old; bright eyed and FULL of energy.  For some reason I kept calling the little one in her belly a ‘HE’, even though they don’t know what they are having yet.  We’ll have to wait and see if I’m right.  (Luckily it won’t be too long of a wait.)  I had a great time with you guys, and good luck with everything!!

This little guy was a dream.  Mom had just fed him before I arrived, and he was in a nice little slumber.  I moved him around, changed backgrounds, wrapped him, unwrapped him; and I saw his eyes just once.  Even at that, he didn’t look like he was that impressed to be awake.  Most of my babies lately have had very dark hair, so it was so cute to see a little one that was so blonde!

I did a newborn model search last month to try out some new posing ideas.  Anyways, Mia’s mom responded.  I laughed so hard at her email.  She was scheduled to have a baby girl in 4 weeks, and proceeds to tell me that “IF” she’s cute, I’m welcome to use her as a little model.  So her baby arrives, and her next email to me says that she is VERY cute, and she would love for me to come and take some photos of her.  I tried to pick a few favourites to share, but in reality she was every photographer’s dream.  She was so sleepy and allowed me to position her as I wanted to.  And when she was awake, she was the happiest little thing.  Okay, here she is: CUTE little Mia, 7 days old.

3 month old Evan was full of expressions.  It sure didn’t take long for him to crack a smile for me.  And what a cute smile it was!  He also tried out his surprised look, and even threw in a little pouty look.  He could definitely be a little model one day.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!