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I have come to realize you can never predict how your children will act in any certain situation. I certainly have realized that my kids will surprise me day in and day out.  So when this new mom contacted me to photograph her baby girl she was quite concerned when I told her that for some of the poses we would attempt, it’s best if baby was sleeping. She informs me that her child doesn’t sleep.  Haha! And I’m sure that’s how ALL new moms feel.  Seriously! Anyways, I have learned to just go with the flow.  If baby was awake…we just go from there.  So I show up and she’s JUST fallen asleep.  I set up and get straight to work…not wanting to waste any precious time.  WELL! I swear this has only happened ONCE in the 5 years I have been doing this.  That sweet little girl slept from the minute I arrived until well after I left.  At one point we actually TRIED to wake her up because we thought this was getting ridiculous!  Haha! But nope…she did NOT wish to show us her (I’m assuming) beautiful eyes.  Sleepy smile

Rough Riders mini fan

sleepy baby

yellow flower

I just love this mama and baby photo!  So special to capture that journey into parenthood. Red heart

mama and baby

sweet baby bits

By the way…I am SUCH a name girl.  I love hearing new names parents are giving their children and recycled old ones.  The stories behind their choices and all that fun stuff.  Anyways, I just fell in love with her name Ella.  And it suits her so well! Smile

I am now booking portrait sessions into the Spring…and hoping for some nice weather to go with it!! But there is still time to do outdoor winter family portraits.  When we get a break from this cold snap!!  Please contact me for more details.

– Kim

Okay, it’s my Happy New Year post!! Better late than never, right?

So I had a GREAT year! I met lots of new people, and was happy to hang out with some old friends too.  I just love seeing the kids grow and families expand.  I was happy to also have my OWN family photos taken this year.  And over the Christmas holiday, finally have them up on my wall to enjoy.

And here are some of my faves of 2013! Happy New Year! Open-mouthed smile



Favourites of 2013

Wishing you all a fabulous 2014!! I hope to keep in touch this year!! Smile

– Kim