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This little guy just could not WAIT until Christmas. So much so, that he decided to arrive 4 weeks early! Mom was not quite prepared for this, but with kids, you just have to go with the flow. He was the absolute sweetest little thing though. And was definitely the smallest baby I’ve ever photographed; at measly 5lbs 13oz. Well I won’t go on any longer, I’m sure you want to SEE this little cutie. Introducing baby Cohen.
I also wanted to thank one of my WONDERFUL clients who was so kind to knit me a couple of little Christmas-themed hats.  (Including the one you see here.)  It’s not too late to take advantage of my newborn holiday special and try out these super cute little hats!  🙂

This sweet little girl did NOT want to miss a thing!  At six weeks old, those big bright eyes were taking EVERYTHING in.  The expressions I got were priceless.  I loved her dark eyes and little chubs; but that curly hair – just way too adorable! 

Okay, I’m talking about your BABY, not what I’m about to announce!  🙂

Plus I get to combine two of my favourite things: babies and the holidays! 😉

This little gal was such a sweet little thing.  She was average in size I suppose, but she just looked so petite. Unfortunately she was happiest when sucking on her Dad’s finger.  So we had to be quick to get a couple of shots.  I even caught a small grin!  But it was a perfect opportunity to try out the new headbands I had made.  I have been on the search for some little baby girl floral headbands.  I’ve seen so many pretty ones, but I kind of like making things myself.  So this was MY attempt. 

These wonderful gals are expecting their first AND second child this summer.  I can’t wait to meet the twins…and lucky me, I get to bring my camera!  Anyways, this session was so much fun for me.  Okay, maybe a little TOO much.  I shot way more than I normally do, and had trouble narrowing them down in the end.  (I guess it serves me right.)  The light was beautiful, and I just love the freedom of being outside.  Everywhere I turned; there was a completely new setting.  Okay…eeny meeny miny moe… AND now here’s a few for you to see!  🙂


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!