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This has been the largest newborn I have ever photographed to date – at a whopping 11lbs 3oz!  But just look at all the chubby baby goodness!!  He was so cute and cuddly.  And a welcomed addition to a family of all boys.  (Even the cat is a boy I think!)

But seriously, don’t you just wanna pinch those pudgy little chubs??  Winking smile

chunky baby

new addition

snoozing baby

sweet dreams

Four boys together in one photo….this is my miracle shot! brothers

baby bitsNow booking Spring and Summer of 2012.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

– Kim

Happy Family Day from my family to yours!!  I hope you all have a great day! Open-mouthed smile

family…even if we are all in disguise.

– Kim

Happy Valentine’s Day all!!  This little guy was just the sweetest ever!  I could just squish that little face!!  But I didn’t – don’t worry.  Winking smile  We had an interesting time getting him to sleep, but once we did he was a little pro.  Although I AM glad that he gave us such a hard time….just look at those beautiful dark eyes!! Valentine's Tie

newborn baby boysleepy babyIsn’t this face just to die for??  I just LOVE those dark eyes!! Red heartsweetie face

Newborns are best photographed before they are 10 days old therefore it’s a great idea to reserve a spot while you are still pregnant.  This little guy was closer to 3 weeks old.  So not impossible, but a little more challenging.  Winking smile  Drop me a line and we can chat!

– Kim

As you can guess, this little cutie was NOT all that interested in snoozing.  Even though I showed up right at naptime…and she was fed on MULITIPLE occasions.  She just did not want to settle down.  She was nearing the 3 week mark, I’m thinking she may have hit a little growth spurt.  As all she seemed to want to do was eat!  I did get some really cute and funny expressions out of her; and just look at those beautiful eyes!!

Valentine Girl

baby loungin

I just LOVE this image.  We had this gals all curled up for a nice photo and she just spread her arms and legs out like a little starfish.  And then she looked soooo relaxed.  Too cute!!  Red heart

Sweet baby girl

Wide-eyed baby girl


I met up with this little 3 week old cutie few weeks ago.  She made us work for it, but I did manage to convince her to doze off for a few moments.  She was really way too interested in what was going on around her!  Smile

little love bug

baby bum

sleeping baby

I just love her little devilish look here!  Makes you wonder what she’s thinkin’.mischievious baby

If you would like to set up your own portrait session with K Photo and Design – I’d love to hear from you! Open-mouthed smile

– Kim