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Every year I manage to make it back to my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba for a few weeks.  I get to catch up with family and old friends…and maybe squeeze in a portrait session here and there.  I was so excited when a couple of my high school friends announced they would be back in Brandon at the same time and wanted me to photograph their family.

We ended up with a beautiful day!  Well…the grass was a bit crunchy.  Funny to think the city of Brandon floods every year – but by mid summer, no rain at all.  Go figure.  Anyways…aside from the crunchy grass (and the bugs, of course) – beautiful day!  And the kids were so much fun.  Such quirky personalities.  I just loved it!! Open-mouthed smile


Adorable family

Sitting for a moment

the kiddies

all together

Extended family

crazy kids

If you would like your own family photographed in Brandon, Manitoba next summer, please inquire about being added to my 2015 list.  Thanks!! Smile

– Kim

I couldn’t believe these baby girls held a combined weight of 8 pounds and a bit.  They were teeny, but OH so cute!! What was funny is that Mom and Dad knew that one of them would be a bit of a trouble-maker.  What they didn’t know, was that it was going to be the one who is usually so easy going.  Through them for a bit of a loop!  I think she was just too interested in what was going on.  We had a lot of “pirate eyes” going on.  Haha!

I have so many favourites, but managed to narrow it down a bit for you all to see.  They were just so darn sweet!  I could have taken one home in my purse.  I’m sure no one would have noticed, right? Winking smile

piano babes

two snug bugs


sleepy baby girl

teeny baby

piggy back

Newborns are best photographed when they are brand new.  Therefore it is best to book your session while you are still pregnant.  If you have any questions, or would like to talk about setting up your own newborn portrait session, please contact me.  Thanks!! Smile


Is there a better excuse to get the WHOLE FAMILY together than a 90th birthday?  I think not!  This family was so much fun!  We managed to wait out the threat of rain.  Okay, there was a small sprinkle.  But all was clear when we were ready to get down to business.  I love working with teachers, they are always so incredible organized.  As we made our way down the list of groupings, people started to disperse to the house.  It was just behind the park.  When we saw the Aunts and Uncles getting into the wine from the patio window, we knew we had to get this party started.  Haha! As there were SO many photos…I just went through and picked a few of my faves to share.  They are a great smiley bunch! Open-mouthed smile

The whole family

90th birthday girl

Cute couple


Family of 5

Over 80 club

Smiley family

Fall is the perfect time to update your family photos.  Just in time for Christmas too!  Yes, I said it.  Please contact me to book your session. Smile

– Kim