Your Photographer

March 23, 2010

Hi there! I’m Kim…and this is me:


10 fun facts you may…or may not know:

  1. I am drawn to bright colours like a moth to a flame.
  2. I cannot resist a good sale on paper towel or toilet paper.
  3. I will listen to a CD twice all the way through before moving onto new music.
  4. I absolutely HATE the song “Word up” by Cameo.
  5. My perfect movie – Little Miss Sunshine.
  6. I cannot wear new socks.  They need to sit in my drawer with the old ones for a few weeks before I will put them on.
  7. I use a steak knife to cut everything. Drives my hubby mental!!
  8. My biggest pet peeve is when people spell congratulations wrong.  Oh, AND awesome.
  9. I miss Timotei shampoo.
  10. My first camera was a hand-me-down.  You had to wind it up – and it had flash cubes.


I have had a love for photography since I was 10 years old; and would love the opportunity to share that with you and your growing family.  Kids grow up WAY too quickly.  I have become more and more aware of that as my own children continue to grow and amaze me. As much as you can’t bottle them up (believe me, I’ve tried!)…you can capture the moments along the way.  And that is my goal.

Please feel free to contact me at I’d love to hear from you!