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And I LOVE being right!  Winking smile  It’s not very often these days that parents willingly choose not to find out the sex of their baby.  With modern technology, there’s no reason to wait those 9 months to find out if you are painting the nursery walls pink or blue.  But these guys decided to wait it out the old fashioned way.  They apparently had no thought either way whether it was a boy or girl.  But I had such a STRONG feeling she was carrying a little girl.  And I was right – a little princess was born!

And what a little princess she was.  I could tell that she already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  (Except when we WANTED her to wrap her finger around her Daddy’s, then she chose NOT to.)  What a little personality – and she was only 8 days old!

You can see their maternity photos here.  And now introducing the little princess.  Isn’t she adorable??

sleepy baby

Daddy's girl

mother's love

baby with flower headband

baby smiles

Little toes

– Kim

I had the opportunity to meet up with this wonderful couple a few weeks ago.  They are expecting a baby boy!  Lately I have seen an abundance of baby girls, so this makes me VERY excited.  I laughed when they were telling me they didn’t want to schedule the session TOO early, as they like to sleep in.  I’m thinking that they will need to get in all the sleep they can right now, because things are about the change!  Winking smile

Of course we had to include their FIRST baby into the photo session.  This proved to be a little challenging, but he was a real pro.  We’re all waiting for this baby boy to make his appearance.  Can’t wait to hear the news!!  Open-mouthed smile

Its a boy

baby belly and pet

baby on the way

expectant couple

baby belly

Maternity portraits are best taken between the 34th and 38th week of your pregnancy.  Now booking for fall/winter 2011.  Please contact me at to set up a date today!  Smile

– Kim

My brother is finally getting married this fall!  And as we lead up to the “Bridal shower weekend”…I thought this post would be very appropriate.  This will be the second bridal shower actually.  The first was a few weeks ago put on by the brides family in her hometown.  Technically, this will also be their SECOND engagement session.  Wow, they seem to do things in twos!  Heehee.  They had BEAUTIFUL photos taken by their wedding photographer when they were back in Welland, Ontario a couple months ago.  But being a photographer AND the sister of the groom, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a few myself.  So I brought the happy couple out last weekend to do some fun engagement photos.  (I’m working on a little something for the wedding.)  Surprise, surprise…it’s photo-related!  Winking smile



happy couple

almost married

the ring

wedding date

I realize I posted a lot, I had a TERRIBLE time narrowing them down!!  Heehee… Looking forward to a great time this October!!!  Open-mouthed smile

– Kim

I am pleased to announce that you can NOW order newborn portrait packages through FAB BABY GEAR in Ottawa!  Through their stores AND online!  They offer everything and anything you need for baby – and now newborn portrait packages too!!  Please check out their store and awesome products, tell ’em I sent ya!!  Oh, and if you’re expecting, please don’t forget to sign up for their baby registry.  (Yes, you can REGISTER for a portrait session too!)  What new mom wouldn’t want that??  Winking smile

The 1308 Wellington Street West Store.

FAB Wellington

And in the Glebe at 755 Bank Street.

FAB Bank street

You can order a newborn portrait package from the FAB BABY GEAR website under the “Gifts and Keepsakes” tab.  Open-mouthed smile  And as always, you can contact me directly at  I look forward to hearing from you!!

– Kim

Anytime I make a trip back to my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba, I always make sure to set aside a little time to do some photos of this family.  This gal and I have been friends since the first day of kindergarten!  (And I’ve known her hubby since we were in high school together – I won’t say how long ago that was…that will TOTALLY date myself!)  But I have been lucky enough to be their designated photographer to capture some of their most special moments.  Starting from their engagement photos and onto 3 pregnancies, 3 new babies, and several family photos later we come to summer of 2011.

I have to say it was one of my more CHALLENGING experiences.  The boys have always been such pros whenever it came to photo time.  So I knew I had NOTHING to worry about.  Winking smile  And then you throw a spunky little 1.5 year old girl into the mix…what the heck was I thinking??  She was seriously a blur for most of the shoot.  And all we could do was was laugh.  What a family!! Rolling on the floor laughing

family in canola field

family fun

family of 5

swinging their sister


Fellow Brandon people!  Interested in booking your OWN portrait session with me?  Please inquire about available dates for next year.

– Kim

Waaay back the beginning of July I had the opportunity to take the kiddies back to my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba.  Every visit is always so jam packed with trying to see everyone, and catch up with old friends.  Luckily I usually manage to sneak a few photos sessions in here and there.  This time I managed to get my good friend and her fabulously coordinated family together.

They are in desperate need of something nice for their walls.  I think a family portrait is just the thing for them!  (Especially since the largest photo on their wall is a photo of their CAT!!)  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful cat – and it was me that took the photo.  So I’m really not complaining.  But after having 3 beau-ti-ful children – it’s time to show them off already!  Winking smile

family of 5

kids in a park

crazy family


Hey, fellow Brandonites!  If you would like to book a portrait session with me, but think it’s way too far to travel to Ottawa.  I’m back in Brandon once a year for a few weeks.  Please contact me to inquire about future dates.

– Kim

What a difference an entire year can make.  Especially when you’re a baby!  I have enjoyed watching these little twins grow this past year, and now they’re celebrating their FIRST birthday!  (So hard to believe!)  I hardly recognize them from their newborn session now.  But they are definitely growing into such little cuties!  I especially love their blue eyes.  I’m not sure if I’ve EVER seen such blue eyes!  Okay, I’m going to show off a few of my faves now.  Winking smile


birthday boy

birthday girl

Three flower headband was provided by I love bows.

1 year olds

Special occasions like a first birthday is a perfect time to update those photos you have on your wall.  Please contact me to book your very own first birthday session.  I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kim

I was out and about at the Arboretum with this gal from FAB Baby Gear a few weeks ago now.  If you’ve ever shopped there, you may recognize her.  And if you haven’t – you should!  Winking smile  Oh, and don’t forget her beautiful little daughter who is waiting patiently for her baby sister to arrive.  These two were completely adorable.  I never imagined a two year old could be so cooperative (certainly not mine!!), but she was so eager to do anything.  I thought it was hilarious!  I managed to choose a few of my favourites to show, so here they are!  Smile

round belly


big sister

baby belly

maternity at arboretum

Maternity portraits are best taken when you are between 34 & 38 weeks pregnant.  If you are thinking of capturing your nice round belly, please contact me to set something up.  I look forward to hearing from you!!  Open-mouthed smile

– Kim

I LOVE wedding photos, but I am not a wedding photographer.  However when a friend of mine asked if I would photograph her VERY intimate wedding and grab a few shots of her and her new hubby (along with their witnesses), I jumped at the opportunity.  These two both have the same quirky sense of humour, so I KNEW the wedding day would be a blast!  Especially when they discussed some of their ideas with me, and the fact that the groom was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans.  The bride just wanted him to look like himself.  (Which I just thought was the sweetest thing ever!) Open-mouthed smile

They had given their family and friends a heads up that they were going to be married – they just didn’t tell anyone WHEN!  The decided day was July 23rd, 2011.  We met at the Rockcliffe Park Pavilion in the morning in hopes that no one else had the idea of getting married at the same time they did.  And aside from a few tourists, we were in the clear!  The ceremony was short and sweet, and then we moved on to take a few fun photos.

I had a great time with these guys.  (They even brought their own props – yay!)  Here’s a few I’d like to share with you of the happy couple. Smile

wedding ceremony

happy couple

bride and groom with bikes


Their friends took a photo of the newly married couple to announce to their family and friends that they had tied the knot.

wedding party

The bride INSISTED I get a shot of her shoes!  (I can’t believe they were actually suede.)  Winking smile

blue sued shoes

Congrats guys!! Red heart

– Kim

I was so excited to be asked to photograph this family’s new little bundle of joy.  I have been able to watch their clan grow from a couple, to a family of three, and now four over the last few years.  This was them just a few months back at their maternity session.  And their daughter before her first birthday last year.  Oh my how she has grown!!

And now to introduce the newest addition.  I found she looked a lot like her big sister as a new baby, but her colouring was definitely a little different.  It’s so neat to compare their features and figure out where they came from.  Regardless, she was definitely a little sweetheart.  And here she is!!  Smile

wide eyed baby girl

baby curled up in basket

chubby baby

sleepy baby in pink

And don’t forget big sister!!  Winking smile

big sister

I prefer to photograph newborn babies when they are brand new, between 3 and 10 days.  Therefore if you would like to set something up, it’s best to reserve your spot while you are still pregnant.  I look forward to hearing from you!!