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Mother's day

gift tokens

Gift certificates are available in any amount, but must cover full session cost ($150) to receive a prize token. Prizes worth up to $85! Only one token per gift certificate. They are sealed and randomly selected by photographer. Offer valid until May 14th, 2011. So contact me ASAP at or by phone 613-668-5464 to order your very own gift certificate for Mother’s day!  That’s on May 8th in case you were not aware of that! Winking smile


Mom was fully prepared to have an Easter baby.  Complete with cute bunny hat (made by Christine’s Creations).  But little Logan had other ideas.  He thought it would be more fun to arrive a few weeks early.  We didn’t mind though, he was the perfect little gentleman.  A photographer’s dream actually.  Besides a mild case of the hiccups, this boy was awesome!

And now for this first image, I really don’t know what he’s doing.  I may be in the middle of a yawn, getting ready to yell, or is actually giving us the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.  Perhaps he’s just happy to be escaping that swaddle!  Whatever it is….it’s super cute!!  Open-mouthed smile

Huge baby smile

curled up baby

There are always so many cute girly accessories available to add to baby girl photographs, so I’m always on the lookout for something boyish.  When I came across this little skull and cross bone wrap, I could not resist!

Rocker baby

baby in orange

baby bunny

Newborns photograph best before they are 10 days old.  If you are expecting sometime soon, please contact me to book your very own newborn session.  “Like” me on facebook to keep up with news and specials.

– Kim

I’ve been getting behind in my blog posts; but for good reason.  There seems to have been a HUGE baby boom over the last few weeks, and I am finally catching my breath.

This sweet little gal was a teeny weeny 6 pounder.  She had a bit of a rough start, but mom and dad were thrilled to have her home with them.  I just love that ‘baby love’ parents have in their eyes when they talk about their new babies.  I’m sure it’s part sleep deprivation, part exhaustion, but it’s all love.  Now introducing sweet little Leah.

mom and dads arms

tiny baby

The pink flower headbands were made by a very talented fellow Ottawa gal at I love bows.  Aren’t they adorable?  You can find these and more great items on her etsy shop.sleepy baby

baby with headband

tiny curled up baby

Evidently, Spring is a happening time of year for new babies.  If you are expecting soon and would like to chat about scheduling a newborn session for your new baby, please contact me as soon as possible to ensure availability.  I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kim

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have nothing to do without a care in the world? (Well, except when the food would appear in your bowl.) These two have classic lazy cat syndrome. They go from one resting place to another, eat, and then go back to resting. Their favourite spots include a freshly made bed, an empty box, the closet, the bathmat, or most of the time it’s the living room furniture. In fact they get quite upset when we have visitors and they get demoted to the floor (of all places!).

So these gals are the furry members of our family.  Aren’t they cute??  Have a great weekend everyone!

Cat white


K Photo and Design is available for on-location pet photography in the Ottawa and surrounding area.  Please contact for more details.