Wouldn’t it be lovely to have nothing to do without a care in the world? (Well, except when the food would appear in your bowl.) These two have classic lazy cat syndrome. They go from one resting place to another, eat, and then go back to resting. Their favourite spots include a freshly made bed, an empty box, the closet, the bathmat, or most of the time it’s the living room furniture. In fact they get quite upset when we have visitors and they get demoted to the floor (of all places!).

So these gals are the furry members of our family.  Aren’t they cute??  Have a great weekend everyone!

Cat white


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  1. Crystal says:

    Love these photos! I have a 12 year old Cat she used to love the camera but I don’t take photos of her anymore but I love what you do to capture the charm and character each one has very nice job!

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