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Well, it’s the day of the eve before Christmas eve.  That’s an important day, right?  I’m happy that I actually began getting prepared for Christmas a little earlier this year and not just SAY I was going to.  Just a few last minute things to do now…so it’s nice not to feel the pressure this time of year can sometimes bring.  I hope you all are able to enjoy this beautiful snow we are receiving right now.  It’s picture perfect!

Just for fun, I thought I would share some favourites of mine this time of year.  (Before I’m forced to get into the kitchen and get ready for tomorrow!)  Winking smile

Snowy trees

And why not begin with this beautiful snowy Christmas we are having in Ottawa!  I find this is rare to have pretty white snow like this.  It’s usually slop on the ground from it being so mild.  But this I love!  I’ve been joking with my daughter all week, asking her “who shook the snow globe?”  And so she runs and grabs her snow globe and shakes it up some more.  And would you know it…it would start snowing harder!  She thought she was actually controlling the snow!  It was so funny!

Christmas music

And of course, you MUST have good Christmas music!  I find we always listen to the same favourites around here.  The kids LOVE the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album.  But this is a new one I discovered this year, and I LOVE it.  If you recognize that gal, it’s Zooey Deschanel.  And her voice is just a beautiful as it was in “Elf”.  Highly recommend this one. Winking smile

Gingerbread house

And we have our annual Gingerbread house creation.  I love as the kids are getting older they have definite ideas as to how it should be done…and I my control is quickly being lost.  And seriously, all mom is asking for is a NICE PICTURE of my kids with their Gingerbread House.  AND……this is what I get!  Haha.  What are ya gonna do?  And please note the new addition this year.  My son decided we absolutely needed a chimney.

Gingerbread men

Christmas would not be complete without some sort of disaster coming out of my kitchen.  This was a new recipe for Gingerbread men, AND I had never made them before.  (We usually stick to sugar cookies.)  I’m always up for a challenge though…and to my surprise – they were VERY good!

Flamingo Christmas

And of course, I LOVE my Christmas tree!  Although the decorations are moved around on a daily basis…never sure where I will find them!  Anyone who has heard of me speak about my daughter, you will know she is a really flamingo nut.  We of course HAVE to have a flamingo ornament on the tree.  (Which isn’t as hard as you’d think with Grandparents that spend time in Florida over the winter. )

Well…I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday!  Stay safe and healthy and enjoy each other!!  Smile

– Kim

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE meeting up with families a second, third, fourth time.  It is so fun to see the kids grow and find out what they have been up to.  This is my second time photographing this family, we originally met back in February when they welcomed their 4th child.  STILL to this date the largest “newborn” I’ve ever photographed (at 11 pounds!!).  It was definitely fun to get outside and let the boys run around for a bit.  (Always stressful for mom – with them all dressed in WHITE shirts…haha, I get it!)  But managing to get them ALL to sit still for a photo, one of those miracles.  The kind I love!  And seriously…if you are going to have FOUR boys – you might as well make ‘em darn cute!!  Winking smile

family of six

baby boy


adorable family

60 toes

Now booking into 2013.  Let’s make it a great year!!  I look forward to hearing from you! Open-mouthed smile

– Kim

For me, there’s nothing more fun than meeting up with a repeat client.  I feel like I’ve watched these kiddies grow from little beans to the adorable little munchkins they are now.  (Last time I saw this family.)  This little girl has ALWAYS been a handful, and she did NOT disappoint! While her brother was a bit more reserved, but getting a little smile out of him was the biggest reward.  Seriously – this is a MIRACLE family photo.  Both kids smiling at the same time?  And looking super cute while doing it?  LOVE it!!  Open-mouthed smile


adorable kiddos

little cuties

I hope everyone is having a great time getting prepared for the holidays.  K Photo and Design gift certificates are ALWAYS a great idea, and available in any denomination.  Please contact me soon to place your order.  Happy Holidays!!  Smile

– Kim

Nothing is funnier than trying to get an active 2.5 year old to sit still for 2 seconds while I snap a photo.  And that is what this session turned out to be.  But you can get away with anything when you’re this cute.  Seriously!  Smile

family of five

little ones


Christmas deadlines are coming up the end of this week.  If you’re thinking of ordering something in time for Christmas, please get your order in ASAP! Winking smile

– Kim