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Have you ever wondered if your little fur-baby would enjoy an outdoor family session with K Photo and Design? Well, this kitty did! I was so happy when I saw one of my favourite families walking down the trail to our pre-determined meeting spot with a little crate in hand. I honestly couldn’t believe how well behaved she was walking along tied to a leash. Nothing seemed to startle her. Not a gust of wind. Not people passing by. Or even other pets out for a walk. She was boss. Anyways…let’s get back to this lovely family. I ALWAYS have a good time with these guys. And so glad this pandemic did not put a damper on our fall photos of 2020.

Due to the lockdown, I am not taking any portrait clients at this time. However, when we get the go ahead to start working again – please think of me for any outdoor family (and pets!) that you would like photographed. Stay safe everyone!!

As everyone’s lives get busier…makes it difficult to find the time to get together. Which is why it has definitely been a few years since I’ve seen these guys. I can imagine the dinner table is hilarious in this house. The kids started a joke competition to try to see who had the funniest jokes. I heard some new ones that day, for sure!!

At this point in time, I am only photographing outdoors. So if you are looking for a rustic outdoor family session – I’m your photographer!! Stay safe everyone!

I love this family so much! And I’m so happy under the circumstances we were still able to get together this fall. We could not have asked for a better day either! The colours were out; and the temperature was right. [As a side-note, I always struggle with coming up with a title of these blog posts. It’s no secret I am a big supporter of Bath and Body Works…haha! Well, that is where the title of this post was inspired from. My current soap!! And it seemed appropriate.]

As always, still accepting outdoor family/children sessions for 2020. Please contact me if interested. And stay safe!

I met this family when this little guy was small enough to fit into a little basket. Last year he was just learning to walk at the time of our family photos. But THIS YEAR he was definitely on the move! And so independent!! I had everyone bring their own blankets/props this year and he insisted on being the one to carry that chair around. (I was not condoning child labor, I swear! Haha!) Always a good time with these guys. And we were done in time to get the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. (Even swapped a few turkey tips.)

It’s been a little quiet around here…pandemic and everything. At this time I am booking outdoor sessions only. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. Thanks, and stay safe!

I know Fall is approaching when I get a message from this Mom: “When will your Fall photos be this year?” I have been photographing this family since before they were born – and I LOVE getting the chance to catch up with them every year. And how much they’ve GROWN. Dang!! Can’t they stop doing that?? Haha!

If you would like to be the first to know about upcoming Fall mini sessions (well…second to know – after this Mom), please join my mailing list found on my main website: Currently booking for 2020. Can’t wait to hear from you!!

2018 had many highlights. First off…we added 2 kittens to our family. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my dominant hand. Making a complete set of working hands! Haha! My daughter donated 14 inches of hair. My son made honor roll. My husband joined a band. And let’s not forget about that tornado!! Still in shock over that. And of course…all of the amazing returning families and new friends my camera had the pleasure of photographing this past year. Cheers, guys!!

Welcoming 2019 with open arms!! If you wish to keep up with what’s happening please follow along on Facebook or Twitter. Or of course…send me an old fashioned email.

I have been meeting up with this family pretty much every year since their oldest child was only a week old.  And seriously, she is going to be taller than me soon!! I love hanging out with these guys….it is always an adventure.  Just check out those smiles!! 

If you would like to be notified when we are scheduling annual Fall mini sessions – please join my mailing list!

You heard it! Annual fall mini sessions are set for October 13th.  20 minute session.  Private online gallery to choose your favourites.  5 digital images included.  With the option to purchase prints at my original 2009 prices.  And special pricing for additional digital images as well.  Update those family photos.  GREAT Christmas gifts.  Or just cuz.  

Please book your spot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Oh! I’m sorry…did you not hear me?  K Photo and Design is having a MEGA PRINT SALE!!  If you have ever regretted not ordering that desk print or wall portrait – NOW is the time!! 50 percent off!!  50% – that’s HALF PRICE!  

Please don’t let your images collect dust on your CD/USB.  And don’t wait too long – this offer is only good until August 31st, 2018.  Please contact for full details:  Be sure to sign up for the mailing list on my website if you would like to be first to know about the annual mini sessions.  Now booking new portrait sessions/small events for early Fall.

One of my silent auction families booked themselves in for an outdoor portrait session.  Yay!!  (So if you have bid on a gift certificate, and WON – please don’t forget to book your session!)  I was so happy to work with these guys – they were hilarious!!  And you could definitely tell that dog was the baby of the family.  Any photo we attempted to not include himself in….he’d figure out a way to wander in somewhere.  The kids were quite familiar with this trail I had chosen as the backdrop for their photos.  I guess they are avid bike riders, and took this trail a little while back.  I was told all about their adventures, and how they got a flat tire and had to walk back.  The boys like to name their off road trails.  This one was named “Africa”.  Not sure why – we didn’t see any safari animals.  Which is probably a good thing! 

With this blanket of white snow out there – it is the PERFECT backdrop for your family photos.  Don’t delay in booking!!  You never know what is coming our way (weather-wise).  And of course, I am always booking in-home newborn sessions – no matter what the weather is.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at  or join the mailing list at  I look forward to chatting!! 

– Kim