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It appears to be that time of year again.  So I guess I will share a few of my Christmas things that make me happy. Smile

Elfing around

I never know what I’ll find dangling from my tree branch!

xmas music

I am absolutely loving this Christmas song by Maroon 5 this year!

xmas bathroom

Always a big joke in our family.  But I even love decorating my bathroom decor!!

Gift of Lights

So excited that the Gift of Lights display has hit Ottawa this year.  It was awesome!!

Office Christmas Party

Nothing better than seeing a good movie I think.

Fresh snow

Fresh snow is always welcomed around this time of year.

xmas baking

I always tend to leave the baking until the last minute.  And this year I decided to try something new.  Not sure how it tastes…but it looks pretty cute!  Haha!

Wishing you all a happy holiday!!

– Kim

T’is the eve of Christmas eve.  The house is clean…for the moment.  Gifts are wrapped.  Guests are on their way.  And my goal is to not have to enter any sort of shopping establishment for the next few days.  That is my hope anyways!!

One of my favourite things to do in getting ready for the holidays, is a little Christmas crafting.  And the kids just like getting dirty…so it’s a win win!  Haha!

Christmas crafting

It is no secret that I have a small obsession with Bath and Bodyworks.  I seriously get lost in that store just smelling all the new scents.  And the holidays is the WORST for me in trying to pick out what I want my house to smell like.  I went in with ONE item on my list; an air freshener.  I knew which one I wanted and everything.  And then…..I spotted something new.   A light up one!!  And it’s oh so cute!!  Plus, smells pretty nice too. Smile

Christmas scent

December is the time for those holiday tunes!  I love listening to the old classics…as well as discovering new ones.  This particular song by Echosmith is my absolute FAVOURITE song this season.  If you have not heard it…please do.  It’s awesome! Winking smile

Christmas music

And of course, it would not be Christmas, without our annual Gingerbread house.  This year was especially difficult for me…as I like to sort of “guide” the kids into how it should be done.  Haha!  But I let them go to it all on their own this year.  My favourite was the “icicle of death” that had to go over the front door.  Mimicking one we had above our own door for a few days this winter.

Gingerbread house

Holiday movies!!  Can’t forget those!!  Although, there are so many good ones, it’s hard to fit them all in!  But one we NEVER miss out on is Merry Christmas Mr. Bean.  It’s still funny EVERY time I watch it.  Every. Single. Time. Smile


And….the Christmas baking.  Which I am not very good at, I admit.  But this year I decided to give the kids the job putting together the cookies and dainties for our various get-togethers.  And it seemed to work.  Everything worked on the first try!  That has NEVER happened.  And the smoke alarm was not set off either!!  Haha!  Smile

Christmas treats

Well…it has been such a wonderful year.  Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I hope to see you in 2015! Smile

– Kim

Well, it’s the day of the eve before Christmas eve.  That’s an important day, right?  I’m happy that I actually began getting prepared for Christmas a little earlier this year and not just SAY I was going to.  Just a few last minute things to do now…so it’s nice not to feel the pressure this time of year can sometimes bring.  I hope you all are able to enjoy this beautiful snow we are receiving right now.  It’s picture perfect!

Just for fun, I thought I would share some favourites of mine this time of year.  (Before I’m forced to get into the kitchen and get ready for tomorrow!)  Winking smile

Snowy trees

And why not begin with this beautiful snowy Christmas we are having in Ottawa!  I find this is rare to have pretty white snow like this.  It’s usually slop on the ground from it being so mild.  But this I love!  I’ve been joking with my daughter all week, asking her “who shook the snow globe?”  And so she runs and grabs her snow globe and shakes it up some more.  And would you know it…it would start snowing harder!  She thought she was actually controlling the snow!  It was so funny!

Christmas music

And of course, you MUST have good Christmas music!  I find we always listen to the same favourites around here.  The kids LOVE the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album.  But this is a new one I discovered this year, and I LOVE it.  If you recognize that gal, it’s Zooey Deschanel.  And her voice is just a beautiful as it was in “Elf”.  Highly recommend this one. Winking smile

Gingerbread house

And we have our annual Gingerbread house creation.  I love as the kids are getting older they have definite ideas as to how it should be done…and I my control is quickly being lost.  And seriously, all mom is asking for is a NICE PICTURE of my kids with their Gingerbread House.  AND……this is what I get!  Haha.  What are ya gonna do?  And please note the new addition this year.  My son decided we absolutely needed a chimney.

Gingerbread men

Christmas would not be complete without some sort of disaster coming out of my kitchen.  This was a new recipe for Gingerbread men, AND I had never made them before.  (We usually stick to sugar cookies.)  I’m always up for a challenge though…and to my surprise – they were VERY good!

Flamingo Christmas

And of course, I LOVE my Christmas tree!  Although the decorations are moved around on a daily basis…never sure where I will find them!  Anyone who has heard of me speak about my daughter, you will know she is a really flamingo nut.  We of course HAVE to have a flamingo ornament on the tree.  (Which isn’t as hard as you’d think with Grandparents that spend time in Florida over the winter. )

Well…I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday!  Stay safe and healthy and enjoy each other!!  Smile

– Kim