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I am so lucky to see some families again and again. Even more exciting when baby number 3 is involved! So much fun hanging out with this crew. They always keep me on my toes!!  Crazy to think I’ve photographed this family since big sis was 10 days old.  And even how much big bro had changed too.  I definitely had a hard time picking favourites of this session.  But this is what I have to share with you today. Aren’t they adorable?? Smile

baby blanket




sleepy babe

Baby mohawk

Newborns are best photographed when they are brand new. Please contact me today to reserve your own session. I look forward to chatting with you!! Smile

– Kim

What can I say about this little cutie? I think the eyes say it all!  He was NOT very sleepy…but happy all the same.  And sometimes that’s just as good.  Open-mouthed smile

Squishy face

baby face


by the river

Father and son

New babies are best photographed when they are brand new. So it’s a good idea to reserve your portrait session while you are still pregnant.  I look forward to hearing from you!!  Smile

– Kim

This little girl was soooo excited for her baby brother to arrive.  And I think the excitement was contagious!  (Check out this adorable baby bump!)  He was such a little sweetheart…and big sis was so helpful.  I just fell in love with his pouty lips and chubby cheeks.  That is how all babies should be made, I think.  Haha! Winking smile

my brother is so cute

snoozy baby

squishy baby

chubby cheeks

Christmas time

new addition

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– Kim

I am very much a name girl.  I am always interested in what makes a person choose to name a baby a certain name.  Is it a family name?  Something you heard on a TV show you liked?  Did the older sibling pick it?  Yes, that does happen!  But either way…it is terribly difficult to commit to something that is basically going to last a lifetime.  And you want to make sure YOU like it.  Well there was some debate going on about this little guy’s name.  Both names that were chosen were so cute; and would suit him either way…in my opinion anyways.  A good compromise?  Use both!  Although mom and dad were still in debates as to which name they would call him by.  I personally think we should just call him cutie!  Haha!  That would suit him just fine.  Just look at that sweet little face!!  And big sister was such a helper.  Totally in love with her little brother.  Smile

baby in blue

big sister love

all dressed up

baby boy


new baby toes

I absolutely ADORE spending time with new baby faces!!  If you’re thinking of booking a newborn session, it’s best to do it while you are still pregnant.  I look forward to chatting with you!  Smile

– Kim

Spikey dark hair, chubby cheeks and a pudgy little bum – the perfect formula for an adorable new baby girl!  I had such a good time with her, and brother was lightning streak of energy.  He kept us on our toes!! (Well…until naptime.  Ha!)  I had a hard time picking some faves; but here’s a few I’d like to share!  Open-mouthed smile

sweet slumber

baby tush

big bro

pink hat

wrapped in purple

mom's pillow

I loved that this was Mom’s pillow from when she was a baby.  This little one seems to find it quite comfortable! Smile

I’m hoping to start booking some outdoor sessions soon (weather permitting, as it always is!)  But until then, I am currently taking indoor newborns and baby sessions.  If you would like to talk about booking a session of your very own, please contact me:

– Kim

I was advised that this little guy was a sleeper.  He had been sleeping for quite a while before I arrived.  I quickly set up and was ready to go before he needed a feeding.  As soon as I positioned him and we were ready to go – BOINK!  He was WIDE awake!  I was so happy to be able to capture those beautiful blue eyes!  He was just so interested in what was going on.  Eventually the excitement got to him and he fell into such a deep sleep – I’m sure we could have done anything with him.  Haha!  And well, BECAUSE he was so cooperative, I had so many favourites…I had a hard time deciding what to share!  So this is what I came up with.  Open-mouthed smile

Lil Sens fan

sleeping baby

baby blues

new family

Dad had this incredibly old trunk that we decided to use.  I love the contrast of the old trunk and new baby. old trunk new baby

sugarplum wishes

Fingers Toes

New babies photograph best when they are brand new.  Therefore it is best to reserve your session while you are still pregnant.  Now accepting clients for 2014.  I can’t wait to meet all these new babies!! Smile

– Kim

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Maternity Essentials

K Photo and Design

baby classes

– Kim

So glad we managed to squeeze in mommy’s maternity session (here) before these little munchkins arrived only a week later!  Small but feisty.  That’s what I’m going to say about these boys.  I had no idea how I was going to tell them apart, as they are the first set of IDENTICAL twins I’ve photographed.  I was hoping we weren’t going to end up with all the photos of one baby, and the other one – nothing!  But it didn’t take long to recognize that there were a few differences.  Thank goodness!!  These boys are going to keep mom and dad on their toes though.  Already at only 3 weeks old they could not help but punch each other a few times!!  Disappointed smile

twins all tucked in

sleepy baby

sweet baby boy

twins in owl hats

baby bits

teeny baby

I would love to photograph YOUR newborn baby!  Please contact me while you are still pregnant to arrange the details.  Look forward to hearing from you!!  Smile

– Kim

I’ve had such a string of newborn baby boys since even before Christmas, that it was so much fun to play with a little girl for a change.  She had such a sweet little petit face, and her expressions were so funny.  I just fell in love with her!  This gal was so interested in what was going on around her, that she didn’t feel like she wanted to nap at all!  But eventually she slipped into a nice little snooze and easily became one of my most cooperative little ones.  Just look at that adorable little face!!  Open-mouthed smile


squishy cheeks

sleeping beauty

baby grin

Little baby bits

I’m looking forward to all those summer babies!!  Please book your newborn session soon to avoid disappointment.  Smile

– Kim

This has been the largest newborn I have ever photographed to date – at a whopping 11lbs 3oz!  But just look at all the chubby baby goodness!!  He was so cute and cuddly.  And a welcomed addition to a family of all boys.  (Even the cat is a boy I think!)

But seriously, don’t you just wanna pinch those pudgy little chubs??  Winking smile

chunky baby

new addition

snoozing baby

sweet dreams

Four boys together in one photo….this is my miracle shot! brothers

baby bitsNow booking Spring and Summer of 2012.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

– Kim