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What a great year it has been for K Photo and Design!  So many wonderful clients have kept me busy and entertained over the last 12 months.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and wish you all the best in 2011!!

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This sweet little girl did NOT want to miss a thing!  At six weeks old, those big bright eyes were taking EVERYTHING in.  The expressions I got were priceless.  I loved her dark eyes and little chubs; but that curly hair – just way too adorable! 

I was very excited to meet up with my favourite little twins again.  (Their mom’s too of course!)  I can’t believe how much they’ve grown!!!  It’s incredible how much difference a few short months can make.  And in case you don’t believe me, take a look at their little newborn session back in July. 

I really don’t know how these gals do it.  One’s hungry, the other one is sleepy.  One spits up everywhere and the other poops their pants.  I’m sure it’s an everyday occurrence in their world, but a little crazy for me.  None the less…I had a GREAT time.  They are just too sweet for words!  (And check out the awesome baby fashion!!  JUST LOVE IT!)

I TOTALLY fell in love with this little munchkin.  (Partly because she reminded me so much of my little one, I’m sure.)  But this little gal was sooo sweet and full of smiles too!  I had a terrible time trying to pick out some favourites, so this is the best I could do.  Here she is, introducing Miss Molly…    

This little guy is just barely 3 months old, and just look how cute he is!!  That crazy mop of hair, those sweet innocent eyes, but that smile…man, that just lights up a room!  He was so happy and content, but we were working close to his nap time.  And when he decided it was time to nap, it was time to nap.  There was no putting it off for a few cute shots with Mom.  So we went with the flow and caught a few snugly sleepy ones.  (They look so peaceful when they’re asleep.) 

Luckily we did get a few with Dad, as this was his Father’s Day gift.  *Hint – a portrait session is ALWAYS a great gift for ANY occasion!* Okay, I narrowed it down to a few favourites…here’s little Chase.

Meet little Caiden.  I just love the name, and it suits him so well.  His parents were so sweet, completely head over heels in love with their new baby boy.  He’s a very lucky little guy.  I tried to pick a few to share, but I just couldn’t do it.  I managed to narrow it down to five.  So here they are! 

This little gal was such a sweet little thing.  She was average in size I suppose, but she just looked so petite. Unfortunately she was happiest when sucking on her Dad’s finger.  So we had to be quick to get a couple of shots.  I even caught a small grin!  But it was a perfect opportunity to try out the new headbands I had made.  I have been on the search for some little baby girl floral headbands.  I’ve seen so many pretty ones, but I kind of like making things myself.  So this was MY attempt. 

This little guy was a dream.  Mom had just fed him before I arrived, and he was in a nice little slumber.  I moved him around, changed backgrounds, wrapped him, unwrapped him; and I saw his eyes just once.  Even at that, he didn’t look like he was that impressed to be awake.  Most of my babies lately have had very dark hair, so it was so cute to see a little one that was so blonde!

I did a newborn model search last month to try out some new posing ideas.  Anyways, Mia’s mom responded.  I laughed so hard at her email.  She was scheduled to have a baby girl in 4 weeks, and proceeds to tell me that “IF” she’s cute, I’m welcome to use her as a little model.  So her baby arrives, and her next email to me says that she is VERY cute, and she would love for me to come and take some photos of her.  I tried to pick a few favourites to share, but in reality she was every photographer’s dream.  She was so sleepy and allowed me to position her as I wanted to.  And when she was awake, she was the happiest little thing.  Okay, here she is: CUTE little Mia, 7 days old.

There is a two year old among us now.  I can’t believe how big my little girl is getting!  Her party was just a small gathering, and the most important part of course – the CAKE!  She is a bee lover.  I don’t know why, she just loves them.  So of course, I had to make a little bee hive cake.  I know, it’s gimpy!  But she loved it.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that she has a little sweet tooth.  She tasted the cake, and then proceeded to play with the decorations.  First she had one bee, and then two, then three all lined up.  Then one kissed another bee, then the two bees kissed the cake, then she had to kiss all the bees.  It was hilarious!