It was a bit of an unusual Christmas, to say the least. Instead of planning events and buying special outfits – we were scheduling zoom meetings and awaiting online deliveries. But I am happy to say – I feel like we have survived 2020. While remaining healthy, and we didn’t get sick of each other having to spend all this additional time together. Now to share a few of my best holiday moments:

Sanitizer and facemasks – that is what our 2020 Christmas was made of.
I was happy to have gone to see the Magic of Lights when we did…now that Ontario is under lockdown again. It was a great outing that you can do in the comfort of your car. And they really outdid themselves this year. (Although the long line-up to get in caused much complaints from the backseat.)
My husband and I are BIG music lovers and enjoy live music whenever we can. This year we had many concerts rescheduled and cancelled that we found ourselves purchasing a lot of online concerts. (Pearl Jam does NOT disappoint!!) We were quite excited about the Barenaked Ladies virtual Christmas program. Fun for the whole family!
Beginning in March the kids were stuck in the house for quite some time. So the crew decided to start playing music together and post these “Guess this song?” on a Facebook page for family and friends to see if they could guess. They started out on just the guitar and drums. But then E picked up the bass over the summer. Added a keyboard…and the video editing skills improved. I LOVED that they were all playing and recording music together. And was always looking forward to what they would come up with. G even started animating some of the songs. (I love our Christmas characters!!) I was even allowed to participate in this bunch of songs…and was given the sleigh bells to play.
One kitty loves to sit under the tree and enjoy the Christmas lights….while the other likes to be up top where she can eat them.
Christmas day gift opening went a little different this year. My brother and sis-in-law via Facebook chat. But most impressive – I got my parents from Manitoba in a video chat!! It was so shocking…I didn’t even take a photo!! But nice to SEE everyone when we could not physically be together.
And no pandemic could cancel my Christmas cocktail!! We just had it all to ourselves this year!! It was a Grinch punch. (Well…modified a bit. Did you know you can’t buy Kool-aid pouches in Canada???)
I have always loved this song. But it just seems so appropriate for the 2020 we’ve been having. Seems like a good time for a NEW YEAR!

Well…I know that a lot of plans did not pan out for this year. But 2021 is just around the corner. I am looking forward to vacations and hanging out with family. Going to concerts and movies. The kids being allowed to go to school. And being able to attend an appointment a little easier. Wishing everyone a happy holiday!! And stay stafe!

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