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I took this photo of my sister-in-law a few weeks back before all the yucky weather came our way.  She just had her birthday last week (don’t worry, I won’t say which one!) and thought she deserved a little spotlight.  I should add she does not feel she is photogenic…but I think this shot says otherwise. 🙂

Happy Mother’s day to all moms!  I had a great time meeting up with fellow photographer Rowena.  In honour of Mother’s day, we took turns taking photos of us with our kiddies.  Her boys were not ones to sit still, so I had to be quick before they ran off to the park with my munchkins.  Here’s a couple I wanted to share.

I had the pleasure of meeting with this little family last weekend.  I couldn’t believe she was 38 weeks along!  (I know I wished I looked that great at 38 weeks pregnant.)  And don’t forget their spunky little two year old; bright eyed and FULL of energy.  For some reason I kept calling the little one in her belly a ‘HE’, even though they don’t know what they are having yet.  We’ll have to wait and see if I’m right.  (Luckily it won’t be too long of a wait.)  I had a great time with you guys, and good luck with everything!!