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And the winner of the K Photo and Design Outdoor Portrait Package goes to……….

Congratulations Nicole B!!  Keep an eye on your inbox to receive your prize.

Thank you to all who participated!  And everyone who took the time to visit my new website.  I hope to see you all soon!!    Currently booking outdoor portraits, newborns and lifestyle family sessions.

– Kim

Annual Fall mini sessions will take place September 30th, 2017!!  It is a great opportunity to update your family photo and create some beautiful Christmas gifts.  I have several spaces available in the morning or afternoon.  Don’t delay in reserving your spot!!

$225 will get you a 20 minute session for your family/children, 5 digital images with print release and access to special pricing on additional digital images, prints or products. if you have any questions or would like to reserve.


– Kim

It’s been so drab the last few weeks – I thought a little colour would be nice.  And what a MASSIVE amount of colour we managed to find this past fall.  Trees were at the point of losing their colour…but this one AMAZING yellow tree hung on just for us.  The girls just loved hiding behind the big leaves.  After a heavy rainfall – the ground was so wet, it definitely kept mom and dad busy trying to keep the kids clean!!  I didn’t do so well myself.  I think I had mud and water up to my knees!  Haha!  But worth it in the end.  I just loved their little ladybug coats.  Can you get any cuter than that? 🙂

Annual mini sessions are a GREAT way to keep your family photos current.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list for the fall of 2017, please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you!  🙂

– Kim

It’s been a while since I’ve met up with these guys.  But they ALWAYS bring their smiles!  And this time around, they brought along a new addition.  What a little sweetie!!  Anyone that knows me, knows that when photographing kids you must work very quickly.  Moving this way and that.  And often times, I don’t ever look where I’m going.  Family all set up, moving leaves around…throwing twigs out of the way to get that nice portrait.  Although this is the first time I pulled up a tree seedling.  I was HORRIFIED as to what I had done…and quickly popped it back into the ground.  Even had nightmares about that poor little tree.  Haha!  I may visit in the Spring to see if it survived.  Although Dad was quick to tell me that I KILLED IT!!  Haha!  And that is why I love hanging out with this family.  Always great to joke around with them.  Smile





Mild Winter on it’s way. This is the perfect year to schedule an outdoor family photo over the holidays.  Spaces fill up quickly….so don’t delay!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Don’t miss out on any news…please follow K Photo and Design on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the know.  Smile

– Kim

Happy New Year!!!  I know I’m running a bit late this year…but upgrading your equipment never comes easy.  I’m STILL trying to get my programs all up and running properly.  (Well, they’re running…just not how *I* like them!)

But aside from all that.  I just wanted to thank all the amazing families I had the chance to work with this year.  Being in my third year of business I met a lot of people for the second and third time.  Which was SO much fun!  I also stepped out of my comfort zone and held a day of mini sessions this past fall.  AND, happy to report it was a success.  I think it will become an annual event.  (If the weather cooperates.)

So here’s a my 2012 faves.  Hope you see yourself there!  Open-mouthed smile

favourites of 2012

And all the best in 2013!!  I look forward to meeting up again! Smile

– Kim

The summer is going by so fast!  I can’t believe it took me this long to have the chance to photograph my contest winner from the Valentine’s Day contest that I ran back…well, in February.  Winking smile  She mentioned to me that they had never had professional photos taken of their family, and they JUST had a new baby in January.  I was so glad she won, I believe EVERYONE should have a family photo whenever they can swing it.

She has the sweetest three girls.  I will never forget at our initial meeting her oldest daughter asks “Mom, can your friend stay for lunch?”  I thought it was the cutest.

I think we picked one of the hotter days to schedule the session. Luckily we got out of there before it got too hot.  But not before snapping a few cute shots of the kids, and even snuck a few family ones in there.   Check out this adorable family! Smile

All girls

Smiley baby

Happy girl

Girl and her daisy

family by the pond

Now booking for Fall of 2011.  I look forward to hearing from you!


I believe newborn photos are best taken within the first ten days of a baby’s arrival.  Not only do they cooperate a little better, but the reality is they don’t stay small forever.  (As much as you’d like them to)  In my experience, I noticed a huge change within the first month – they are completely different looking babies.  Photography is an EXCELLENT way to preserve these memories, and also document your kids as they grow (and unfortunately KEEP growing).  Most of my newborn clients know how I LOVE to capture a new babies little fingers and toes.  But another way I have discovered is by doing hand and feet prints.  Whether you want to get out some finger paints or clay; it’s a fun way to keep track of how much they have grown, or how big they are at a certain age.

Now this by no means a professional art quality piece of work; but it was definitely a fun project to do.  Now I have this awesome little keepsake!  I did the first little hand print with my son when he was 3 years old.  Just your standard kit from Michaels; nothing too fancy.  Although I do admit, I didn’t really follow all of the instructions.  I decided to create my own look rather than the one they showed on the box.  And now 5 years later I got the same little kit and did a matching hand print of my daughter at age 3.  I think it’s so neat to see how small they were at that age and compare the two.  I can tell that my son has got my hands, and my daughter – definitely my hubby’s.  But what’s interesting to me is how their fingers are in the EXACT same position.  With their index and middle fingers closer together, and then the pinkie way off doing something else.  Interesting, hey?  Well, these are my little people’s little hands.  Aren’t they so cute??  Open-mouthed smile

hand prints

Would you like to capture some memories of your little ones growing up?  Please contact me to schedule your very own portrait session.  I can’t wait to hear from you!!

– Kim

I don’t CLAIM to be a great cake maker by any means. But I find it to be so much fun to plan and design these little cakes for my kids. It seems like the more challenging cake they ask for, the more fun it is to try to plan it out. I’ve made a racetrack, a lion, a train, Chick Hicks (from the movie Cars) – I seriously think that was my worst one…but my son loved it, and that’s all that mattered Smile). I’ve made a Hulk (that one I’m most proud of), a ladybug, a beehive with little bees, a sand pail filled with sand and seashells, and now a flamingo has been added to the list. She was sooo excited; it made it well worth it. (Plus we had cake coming out the wazoo!!)

So if anyone is interested how the cake turned out, here are a couple photos from my little girl’s birthday party. I can’t take credit for the photo of her; I had my brother take over the photography duties while I was playing the mom role.

flamingo cake

– Kim