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Two completely unrelated things.  But as it worked out, they both occured today!  And it’s not EVERY day that I have another photographer feature me on their blog.  So I guess today would be one of those odd days.  Lee-Ann of “Ginger Snaps!” did a little Q&A with me if you would like to take a look.  Plus I was able to show off some of beautiful baby and family photos.  Winking smile

I quite enjoyed our little taste of summer today.  But as I was digging around in my garden I remembered I hadn’t posted any photos from the Tulip festival this year.  Which is one of my favourite events of the year, and one of the reasons why I love Ottawa so much.  Each year it’s getting a little bit harder to convince my son to go down to see the flowers though.  He’s a true boy; why in the world would he want to see FLOWERS?  Until he smelled the Beaver Tails that is.  Then he was on a mission to find where that sweet smell was coming from.  My daughter on the other hand, LOVED all the flowers.  She liked the pink ones, the purple ones, the red ones and even the white ones.  And when she saw the yellow ones she was so excited to show me, because well, yellow is MY favourite colour!  Because of conflicting schedules and the crappy weather, we didn’t get down to see the tulips until it was almost too late.  Some of them were pretty well done, but others still made a pretty picture.  Smile

Pink tulips

Purple tulips

Light pink tulip

All that being said, I am itching to get outside in this nice weather!  (With my camera of course.)  If you are thinking of setting up a family portrait this summer, don’t delay!  The summer months tend to book up quickly.  Please contact me today ( so we can chat.  Enjoy the beautiful week ahead!!  Open-mouthed smile

– Kim