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One thing I miss terribly about moving out East, is the amazing coloured fields of the prairies. You have canola.  Which is my absolute favourite – because it’s yellow. But I also love the flax fields.  The blue looks just like water as you drive by.  Especially if there is a breeze running though the flowers.  I’m also a big fan of the sunflower fields.  But it’s hard to time our visit when EVERYTHING is in bloom.  Because that would just not happen.  Another thing that has been increasingly difficult is convincing the kids to go on these adventures with me to take photos.  And even worse, my son decided to wear the same shirt for ALL PHOTOS I took while we were on vacation.  So…of course, here is the pizza shirt again. #PizzaShirt 

As we finished up playing around in the canola, I warned the kids that I saw a beautiful flax field I wanted to stop at. They groaned and begun complaining. But I had to find a side road to be able to get off the main highway.  When that looked like it wasn’t going to happen – they cheered! Until…I DID find a side road.  As we drove closer to the field we realized it had an electric fence around and a very large sign that said “no trespassing”.  The kids cheered again.  So as a compromise, I did NOT trespass…but stood on the outside of the fence and took my photo. I’m glad I did. How pretty is all that blue?

I take a limited amount of family/children sessions in the summer while back in the Brandon, MB area.  If you would like to be put on my 2018 list, let me know!


I woke up this morning FEELING like fall was in the air.  Which of course made me want to sort through some of my photos from this summer.  I came across these ones from the trip the kids and I made back to Brandon, Manitoba back in July.  I just LOVE them!  Well, not just the kids, but the photos too.  Winking smile  I absolutely LOVE the yellow of the canola fields in the prairies.  Something you don’t see out in the Ottawa area, and kind of miss.

And ALSO, it is so tough to get a natural look from these two.  I swear…they are my hardest subjects!!  The one of the two of them together will be big on my wall – I’ve already decided that.  Which is what I recommend to everyone.  If you’ve got a good shot – order it up big for your wall and enjoy it!!  Open-mouthed smile

kids in canola fieldlaughs girl in canola field

He had to put on his “shades” it was so bright out there!

homemade shades

And my gal had to SMELL all the flowers of course.

smelling the flowers

And since it seems as summer is over, it’s time to start thinking about fall portraits (and CHRISTMAS)!  If you are interested in having fall family photos in the bright coloured leaves, it’s best to book early to ensure availability.  Can’t wait to hear from you!!

– Kim