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So I had literally just completed documenting this baby girl’s first year when I got the news there was another cutie on the way!  This time – a boy! While these two share the same deep, dark brown eyes I love so much, they are VERY different.  She was always so petite, and well he – is not so much.  Haha! But I LOVE it!! He is one strong little dude with a killer smile.  And I look forward to hanging out with him this year. (And all those chubby chubs!!!)  Open-mouthed smile


Michelin Man arms

chubby baby

two cuties

To view big sister’s first year: 4 months, 6 months, 1 year.

sibling love

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– Kim

I was feeling a little sad as this gal’s one year portrait session was nearing.  Because I knew it would be the end of this series we were working on.  Until I found out that she was waiting for her baby brother to arrive!!

While she is getting bigger and learning so many new things as the months have gone on…her little personality has not changed.  She is so smiley smiley…and then serious in the blink of an eye.  Literally!!  Here she is at 4 months and 6 months.  I know I have said it more than once, but I have absolutely fallen in love with those big dark eyes.  Happy birthday sweet little girl!!  Now you’re ready to take on the world!   Smile

1 year old girl

Baby face

Active one year old

Look at me grow

On the go

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– Kim

What I LOVE about a milestones package is the opportunity to meet up with these little munchkins 3 TIMES over the year!  It’s amazing how they change and learn new things so quickly.  Just look what this gal was doing at her 4 month session.  And while she STILL has those beautiful dark eyes I love so much….it’s amazing how her little personality is developing.  I was laughing so hard at her smiling at her own reflection.  With Mom, Dad, Gramma AND myself trying to get the smiles….who would have thought the funniest person was actually HERSELF! Open-mouthed smile

baby on the move

sitting up

sweet baby girl

serious baby

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– Kim