This summer was like no other. With all events being canceled or postponed. It was known as the longest March break EVER! Needless to say, the kids were pretty bored. So we attempted a little getaway (still staying within Ontario) to a cottage on Lower Buckhorn Lake. It was on a little island that we accessed by boat or a small walk over a couple of dams. It was a GREAT little adventure. No WiFi…just campfires, canoes and fishing.

This was our view for 7 days. It did not get old.
We sat on the dock every night to watch the amazing sunset and then look at the sky full of stars.
Our own little private swimming area too.
The vegetation around here was amazing. I loved these colourful mushrooms!
We ventured across a canoe portage to try fishing on the other side.
Did I mention the amazing vegetation? This felt like an actual sponge to step on.
This is also the time this kid decided he would become a coffee drinker.
I didn’t mind taking the canoe out when it was still – and you had a view like this.
We had quite a few visitors. Canadian geese, a loon, a few herons, our resident chipmunk. Luckily we did NOT see the bear or cougar that we were told were on the island a few weeks prior to our stay.
We were treated to an amazing show every night. But the last night we were there was spectacular! It was so colourful.
All packed up to head back to reality. Our host snapped this photo of us before we loaded our gear back on the boat. What an amazing getaway.

Things have been pretty quiet around here as I have been doing well with the social distancing. Currently only doing outdoor, distanced portraits. If interested, send me a message.

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