I was completely shocked!  And WRONG!  Sometimes I have a mild feeling as to whether a couple may be having a boy or girl, but I had such a STRONG feeling this little one would be a boy.  And in this day and age, MOST people will find out ahead of time.  So it’s unique to have to wait the whole 9 months to find out if you’re painting a room pink or blue.  When mom announced they had a girl, I almost didn’t believe them.  Check out this bump, does that not look like a boy hidden away in there??

If my job looks easy, it seriously was this day.  This gal was the sweetest little thing.  She was so sleepy and happy the whole time.  I mean, check out that smile!  Have you ever seen such a big grin??  I could go on and on about how adorable she was, but I’d rather SHOW you.  Smile

smiley babe


sleepy baby

cozy baby

mom and baby

Whether you know what you’re having or expecting a little surprise like this couple, it’s always best to contact me about your newborn session while you are still pregnant.  I look forward to chatting with you!!

– Kim

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