The name of a familiar dancing penguin, the name my son wanted to give our baby girl (don’t worry…we didn’t listen to a 4 year old!), and also the nick name I’ll give this little guy.  He was so happy, and just LOVED those toes!!  4 month olds are not an age that I commonly have the chance to photograph.  But I just love ‘em!!  Babies are so full of expressions at this age, and this little guy did not disappoint.  Just look at those smiles!!  They grow so quickly, it makes me happy to capture these moments of discovery.  Smile

baby loves his toes

cool baby dude

baby toes

baby in cute hat

baby sandwich

You may ask: “When is the best time to schedule a photo session for your baby?”  The answer may surprise you: ANYTIME!  Most parents feel the need to wait for that perfect moment, but in all reality there’s no reason to wait.  If your baby has just hit a milestone and you’d like to capture it with a photo session – just do it!  It doesn’t matter if they are 2, 3, 7, or 10 months old.)  Winking smile  I’m happy to hear from you!!

– Kim

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