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This is the second time I am meeting up with this family – and MAN do they have cute babies!!  Just look at this adorable little guy from a few years ago!  And oh how HE has changed!  Big sister is still as funny as ever.  I was trying to get her to sing a song to get the little ones happy and ready for their big shot together.  She starts singing “Heeeeey sexy ladeh!”  I laughed so hard, because that is also MY daughters favourite song at the moment.  But we did manage to get them all together.  Sitting.  At the same time.  Even if it did involve holding the TV remote control.  But you do what you gotta do.  And then the new addition to this family was ready to snooze after all that excitement and we managed to catch some really sweet photos.  I just wanted to squish his little face!! (But that is frowned upon…so I didn’t.)  Winking smile

brothers and sisters

dreaming of sugar plums

sleepy babe

baby boy

Newborns are best photographed when they are between 5 and 10 days old.  They are sleepier at that stage and will agree to be curled up into those cute little poses.  Therefore it is BEST to book your newborn session while you are still pregnant.  If you would like to set something up for your new arrival, please contact me as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Smile

– Kim