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This little guy is just barely 3 months old, and just look how cute he is!!  That crazy mop of hair, those sweet innocent eyes, but that smile…man, that just lights up a room!  He was so happy and content, but we were working close to his nap time.  And when he decided it was time to nap, it was time to nap.  There was no putting it off for a few cute shots with Mom.  So we went with the flow and caught a few snugly sleepy ones.  (They look so peaceful when they’re asleep.) 

Luckily we did get a few with Dad, as this was his Father’s Day gift.  *Hint – a portrait session is ALWAYS a great gift for ANY occasion!* Okay, I narrowed it down to a few favourites…here’s little Chase.

Meet Brynn.  (I just love her name!)  This is actually my second time photographing this little munchkin; I was lucky enough to visit her when she was only 5 days old.  Even back then she was a bit of a challenge to photograph.  She’s almost one now and look how big she’s getting!  I laughed at her mom’s warning that she doesn’t really like strangers very much.  I too, had a daughter that felt that way about anyone new.  But as long as I kept my distance (and we didn’t make her lean on her little stool!) she was fine.  I did manage to catch a few cute ones though.  My goodness… just look at that sweet little face!

This little gal was such a sweet little thing.  She was average in size I suppose, but she just looked so petite. Unfortunately she was happiest when sucking on her Dad’s finger.  So we had to be quick to get a couple of shots.  I even caught a small grin!  But it was a perfect opportunity to try out the new headbands I had made.  I have been on the search for some little baby girl floral headbands.  I’ve seen so many pretty ones, but I kind of like making things myself.  So this was MY attempt. 

Great news!  I have just donated a portrait session and an 11×14 wall print to the silent auction at a local school BBQ.  Pope John XXIII’s annual Family BBQ is going to take place on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 from 5 – 7pm.  It’s always loads of fun for the kids; with lots of games to play and of course the great food!  Don’t forget to put in your bid on this awesome prize and support a local school while you do it.  Hope to see you there!

These wonderful gals are expecting their first AND second child this summer.  I can’t wait to meet the twins…and lucky me, I get to bring my camera!  Anyways, this session was so much fun for me.  Okay, maybe a little TOO much.  I shot way more than I normally do, and had trouble narrowing them down in the end.  (I guess it serves me right.)  The light was beautiful, and I just love the freedom of being outside.  Everywhere I turned; there was a completely new setting.  Okay…eeny meeny miny moe… AND now here’s a few for you to see!  🙂

Happy Mother’s day to all moms!  I had a great time meeting up with fellow photographer Rowena.  In honour of Mother’s day, we took turns taking photos of us with our kiddies.  Her boys were not ones to sit still, so I had to be quick before they ran off to the park with my munchkins.  Here’s a couple I wanted to share.