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I have such a weak spot in my heart for dark haired babies, and little Mia was no exception.  She was the cutest darn thing!  But did she LOVE her mama!  She knew right away when mama was holding her; there was no fooling her!  We’d put her down, she’d cry.  Mom would pick her up and instantly she stopped.  She didn’t even need to hold her close to her or cuddle her.  Just her hands on her little body was enough.  I can imagine their household will be a little crazy trying to keep up with the new baby AND her active big brother.  I wish them all the luck in the world!  Smile

As you may tell, I had a REALLY hard time picking just a few to show off.  Introducing sweet little Mia.

newborn sleeping

sweet sleeper

relaxing baby

blue flower headband

baby in basket

I like to call this one “no more pictures, please!”  no more pictures

All of the little flower headbands were from a local business called i love bows.  She makes some really awesome creations.  If your little girl needs some accessories, please give her a shout.  (And tell her I sent you Winking smile)

K Photo and Design is currently booking newborn portraits for the summer months.  (July is going to be one crazy month!)  If you would like to capture your new baby in their first few days, please remember to reserve a spot while you are still pregnant.  It just makes it easier to have planned everything ahead of time.  For more information, or to reserve a session, please contact me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kim

I was unsure if it was possible for a baby to have luscious lips.  Then I met miss Lea.  And I DARE you to disagree with me!  She was one of the bigger babies that I’ve seen lately.  This tubby little 9 pounder was big trou-ble!  With way too much excitement going on, she did NOT want to miss a thing!  She’s already got mom, dad and grandparents wrapped around her little finger.  I can just imagine as she gets older!  Okay, I’m just going to show her off and all her chubby cuteness!  Smile

chubby baby

flower headband

sleeping baby

alert baby

little baby toes

You can find these gorgeous headbands on I LOVE BOWS website.  I just love her stuff!  Open-mouthed smile

K Photo and Design is now booking portrait sessions into the summer months.  It’s best to contact early to ensure availability.  ( Oh, and please don’t forget to spoil your favourite mother this coming Sunday.  Are you still looking for the perfect gift?  Why not a gift certificate!  (I’ll throw in a little surprise too!) Winking smile Click here for details.


Mom was fully prepared to have an Easter baby.  Complete with cute bunny hat (made by Christine’s Creations).  But little Logan had other ideas.  He thought it would be more fun to arrive a few weeks early.  We didn’t mind though, he was the perfect little gentleman.  A photographer’s dream actually.  Besides a mild case of the hiccups, this boy was awesome!

And now for this first image, I really don’t know what he’s doing.  I may be in the middle of a yawn, getting ready to yell, or is actually giving us the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.  Perhaps he’s just happy to be escaping that swaddle!  Whatever it is….it’s super cute!!  Open-mouthed smile

Huge baby smile

curled up baby

There are always so many cute girly accessories available to add to baby girl photographs, so I’m always on the lookout for something boyish.  When I came across this little skull and cross bone wrap, I could not resist!

Rocker baby

baby in orange

baby bunny

Newborns photograph best before they are 10 days old.  If you are expecting sometime soon, please contact me to book your very own newborn session.  “Like” me on facebook to keep up with news and specials.

– Kim

I’ve been getting behind in my blog posts; but for good reason.  There seems to have been a HUGE baby boom over the last few weeks, and I am finally catching my breath.

This sweet little gal was a teeny weeny 6 pounder.  She had a bit of a rough start, but mom and dad were thrilled to have her home with them.  I just love that ‘baby love’ parents have in their eyes when they talk about their new babies.  I’m sure it’s part sleep deprivation, part exhaustion, but it’s all love.  Now introducing sweet little Leah.

mom and dads arms

tiny baby

The pink flower headbands were made by a very talented fellow Ottawa gal at I love bows.  Aren’t they adorable?  You can find these and more great items on her etsy shop.sleepy baby

baby with headband

tiny curled up baby

Evidently, Spring is a happening time of year for new babies.  If you are expecting soon and would like to chat about scheduling a newborn session for your new baby, please contact me as soon as possible to ensure availability.  I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kim

A few months back I began working on a small display of photos for massage therapist/doula Anna Belanger’s clinic. It’s a one of a kind establishment dedicated to women in their birthing years. If you haven’t been there, you MUST check it out. She offers pre and post natal massage, labour support, infant massage classes, and yoga. Anna also has many wonderful associates that hold meetings at “the Mother’s den” in the lower level. Some groups have included breastfeeding meetings and birth preparation classes. Although she always has something new going on!

Anna Belanger

The lovely belly cast you can see in the window is by Ottawa Belly Casts.  They do amazing work!

Anyways, as some of you may remember, I had a polled my facebook fans to help me choose the lucky photos to order up for the display. Sometimes I just love ALL my babies so much it makes it so hard for me to choose! So these were the photos that were selected.

framed baby with hat photo

framed baby photo

framed baby bits photo

You can contact Anna through her website if you’d like to meet with her. Tell her I sent you! And while you’re there, enjoy looking at those cute baby photos! Open-mouthed smile



K Photo and Design is currently booking maternity and newborn portrait sessions for this spring and summer.  Please reserve your spot early to ensure availability.

They don’t make them any sweeter than this. This tiny baby girl (only 5lbs plus some) fell asleep as I walked in and stayed that way the entire time! She barely fussed AND, I couldn’t believe it…did NOT pee on ANYTHING. That is just unheard of! As I was just packing up all my goodies she started to become more awake and alert. I took one look at her beautiful eyes and knew I had to photograph those beautiful peepers. So I made a quick set and popped her down for a few more shots. And I’m so glad I did. Her eyes were the most unusual colour I’ve ever seen, almost a blue-brown. I know, it sounds strange, but they were actually a really dark blue-brown colour! Okay, enough talk; introducing sweet little Madrid. (I just love her name too!)

bright eyed baby

baby in basket

baby with hat

sweet baby face

baby in pink

baby hands and toes

K Photo and Design is now booking for spring and summer 2011.  Please reserve early to ensure a spot.  I look forward to hearing from you!


What a cold and stormy day it was to make the drive out to Richmond last week.  But well worth the trek.  This little guy was so alert for a wee 6 day old, I just couldn’t believe it.  I was told he sleeps ALL the time. But he woke up the minute I arrived to set up, and was awake until the moment I packed up to leave. Who could blame him though, so many new things to see! There’s one good thing about a wide awake baby; at least I got a chance to photograph those beautiful blue eyes!

He LOVED to be wrapped up warm. So this gave me the perfect opportunity to try out some of my new hats. Yes, I have been knitting trying to keep myself warm this winter. (It’s a work in progress.)  Winking smile

cute baby4

cute baby2

cute baby

cute baby3

cute baby5

Newborn babies photograph best before they are 10 days old.  If you are expecting this Spring, please contact early (while you are still pregnant) to reserve a session date.  To view my portfolio, please visit my website.  I look forward to hearing from you!


What a great year it has been for K Photo and Design!  So many wonderful clients have kept me busy and entertained over the last 12 months.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and wish you all the best in 2011!!

Also, if are not currently following me on facebook, please do!  (I often post my current specials there.)  Invite your friends too!!

This little guy just could not WAIT until Christmas. So much so, that he decided to arrive 4 weeks early! Mom was not quite prepared for this, but with kids, you just have to go with the flow. He was the absolute sweetest little thing though. And was definitely the smallest baby I’ve ever photographed; at measly 5lbs 13oz. Well I won’t go on any longer, I’m sure you want to SEE this little cutie. Introducing baby Cohen.
I also wanted to thank one of my WONDERFUL clients who was so kind to knit me a couple of little Christmas-themed hats.  (Including the one you see here.)  It’s not too late to take advantage of my newborn holiday special and try out these super cute little hats!  🙂

Time is running out for venturing out into those busy stores and malls.  You COULD always stick to online shopping, but will your items arrive in time?  Why stress out over these silly details when you KNOW a gift certificate for a portrait session will be the most unique gift your friends or family will receive this year. 

Merry Christmas!!