I was so happy to hear this family wanted to take advantage of my fall mini sessions this year.  It had been a while since I had seen them.  This little guy was about 4 months old when I met him last.  He was cute then, and still amazingly adorable now!  I don’t know that I’ve met a happier kid.  Just look at his smiles!!

Although I did receive some sad news yesterday.  They wanted to include their dog in the session (although at times it is NOT easy to work with animals).  He was sick, and they wanted to make sure he made it into the family photo.  Well, he passed away last week.  But I’m sure glad we managed to capture some really nice photos with him.  He looks to be smiling in most of them.  Smile  He was such a beautiful dog.  And very much a part of the family….he will be missed.

whole family

family of three

best buds


doggie kisses

– Kim

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  1. Treeeesh says:

    These are fabulous. Seriously fabulous. 🙂

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