I have such a weak spot in my heart for dark haired babies, and little Mia was no exception.  She was the cutest darn thing!  But did she LOVE her mama!  She knew right away when mama was holding her; there was no fooling her!  We’d put her down, she’d cry.  Mom would pick her up and instantly she stopped.  She didn’t even need to hold her close to her or cuddle her.  Just her hands on her little body was enough.  I can imagine their household will be a little crazy trying to keep up with the new baby AND her active big brother.  I wish them all the luck in the world!  Smile

As you may tell, I had a REALLY hard time picking just a few to show off.  Introducing sweet little Mia.

newborn sleeping

sweet sleeper

relaxing baby

blue flower headband

baby in basket

I like to call this one “no more pictures, please!”  no more pictures

All of the little flower headbands were from a local business called i love bows.  She makes some really awesome creations.  If your little girl needs some accessories, please give her a shout.  (And tell her I sent you Winking smile)

K Photo and Design is currently booking newborn portraits for the summer months.  (July is going to be one crazy month!)  If you would like to capture your new baby in their first few days, please remember to reserve a spot while you are still pregnant.  It just makes it easier to have planned everything ahead of time.  For more information, or to reserve a session, please contact me at info@k-photo.ca.  I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kim

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